Start enforcing rules in the household

You've asked your child 5 times to pick up the legos he left in the middle of the living room floor. You're ready to tear your hair out. Don't. It's time to Write 'Em Up!

Write 'Em Up offers a unique line of notepads and stationery products designed in bright colors to get their attention and keep them in line.

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How do you get kids to listen? Write 'Em Up!

Cleaning Ticket

Kids leave a mess and refuse to clean up? Write 'em a Cleaning Ticket!

Behavior Citation

Kid's misbehavior calls for more than just a warning? Write 'em a Behavior Citation!

Chore List

Kids not clear of their household responsibilities? Write 'em a Chore List!

Award Certificate

Kid's behavior showing signs of improvement? Write 'em an Award Certificate!

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